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Molecular Biotechnology
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Stockholm Graduate School of Molecular Life Sciences, formerly known as Stockholm Graduate School of Biomedical Research, is a preparatory school for graduate research studies.

Cell Factory for Functional Genomics. A national network funded by SSF for strategic research in protein expression, combinatorial protein chemistry and proteomics

The aim of Wallenberg Consortium North is to develop and use state of the art technology for high throughput functional genomics to solve specific biological and medical problems

There are several associated centers in close collaboration with the unit:

Wallenberg Wood Biotechnology Center (W2BC)
Center for BioProcess Technology (CBioPT)
Stockholm Bioinformatics Center (SBC)

The work has led to several ”spin-off” companies to allow the basic research from the division to be commercialised.

Pyrosequencing, Uppsala
Affibody, Stockholm
SweTreeGenomics, Umeå
Creative Peptides, Stockholm
Magnetic Biosolutions, Stockholm
Last updated: 2008-06-05