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Name Year Title (Short) Present
Mathias Uhlen 1984 Gene for staphylococcal protein A KTH
Björn Nilsson 1986 Gene fusions based on staphylococcal protein A IVA
Anders Olsson 1987 Analysis of proteins of industrial interest AstraZeneca
Lars Abrahmsen 1988 Use of protein A for the expression of proteins Affibody
Tomas Moks 1988 Analysis of the domains of protein A Biovitrum
Margaretha Eliasson 1990 Streptococcal protein G VR
Charlotta Ljungquist  1990 Genetics to facilitate protein purification GE Health Care
Björn Hammarberg 1990 Recombinant production of human IGF-II ABD Life Sciences (Hong Kong)
Helena Rondahl 1991 Gene fusions for recombinant proteins Biovitrum
Staffan Bergh 1991 Polyketide genes of Steptomyces Prevas
Stefan Ståhl 1992 Expression of malaria antigens KTH
Per-Åke Nygren 1992 Serum-albumin regions of protein G KTH
Göran Forsberg 1992 Site-specific cleavage of recombinant proteins Active Biotech
Joakim Lundeberg 1993 DIANA – a DNA-diagnostic method KTH
Johan Wahlberg 1993 Solid phase sequencing as a clinical tool GE Health Care
Thomas Hultman 1993 Magnetic separation in molecular biology LingVitae
Maria Murby 1994 Stabilization of recombinant protiens in vivo Phadia
Naowarat Seesod 1996 DNA based analysis of Plasmodium falciparum Univ of Bangkok
Joakim Nilsson 1996 Affinity fusion for recombinant proteins Biovitrum
Anders Hedrum 1996 Techniques for clinical DNA analysis Vytal Diagnostics
Birger Jansson 1996 Staphylococcal protein A domains Diasorin
Thomas Leitner 1996 Genetic variation of HIV-1 Los Alamos
Lena Jendeberg 1996 Interaction between protein A and IgG Biovitrum
Sophia Hober 1996 IGF-1 – a disulfide exchange folding study KTH
Bertil Pettersson 1997 Analysis of bacteria using 16 S rRNA gene sequencing KTH
Magnus Jansson 1997 Structure/function of human IGF-1 interactions Symcel AB
Fredrik Sterky 1998 Sequencing of genes and genomes SciLifeLab
Jacob Odeberg 1998 Analysis of human gene transcripts KTH/KI
Diana Haddad 1998 Vaccine against malaria Johns Hopkins
Marianne Hansson 1998 Proteins for prevention of infectious diseases Atlas Antibodies
Peter Nilsson 1998 Biosensor analysis of DNA interactions KTH
Magnus Larsson 1998 Visualization tools for expression profiling Fiberstaden
Sissela Liljeqvist 1998 Recombinant subunit vaccins Södersjukhuset
Elin Gunneriusson 1999 Display of affinity proteins Affibody
Patrik Samuelson 1999 Staphylococcal surface display KTH
Cecilia Williams 1999 Molecular archeology of cancer University of Houston, USA
Karin Nord 1999 Affibodies – combinatorial affinity ligands Affibody
Peter Savolainen 1999 Evolution and forensic studies based on DNA KTH
Per Jonasson 1999 Genetic design for facilitated production Affibody
Malin Nygren 2000 Molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases Cepheid
Christin Andersson 2000 Production of recombinant subunit vaccines AstraZeneca
Afshin Ahmadian 2001 Analysis of mutations and genetic variations KTH
Torbjörn Gräslund 2001 Protein engineering for directed evolution KTH
Deidre O´Meara 2001 Molecular tools for nucleic acid analysis Nat'l Univ of Ireland
Susanne Gräslund 2002 Functional proteomics SGC/KI
Susanne Gulich 2002 Protein engineering for affinity chromatography University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Jenny Rönnmark 2002 Analysis and use of affibodies Biovitrum
Tove Andersson 2002 Differential gene expresion in atherosclerosis Vetenskapsrådet
Åsa Sivertsson 2002 Analysis of normal skin and skin cancers using DNA analysis KTH
Henrik Wernérus 2002 Surface display of proteins KTH
Joakim Westberg 2003 Analysis of pathogenicity factors in hereditary and bacterial diseases Uppsala Universitet
Lotta Agaton 2003 Transcriptome and proteome analysis using signature tags Atlas Antibodies
Rupali Bhalerao 2003 Gene finding in populus – The bioinformatics of a EST program Umeå Universitet
Kristofer Sandström 2003 Combinatorial protein engineering
Anna Blomstergren 2003 Strategies for de Novo DNA sequencing Nordiag
Maria Ehn 2003 Protein based approaches for further development of the pyrosequencing tehnology platform Mälardalens högskola
Martin Linhult 2003 Protein engineering to explore and improve affinity ligands Octapharma
Stina Boräng 2004 Subtracted approaches to gene expression analysis in atherosclerosis Karolinska universitets-sjukhuset
Malin Eklund 2004 Combinatorial protein engineering applied to enzyme catalysis and molecular recognition AstraZeneca
Anna Gustafsson 2004 Cancer genomics – Molecular analysis of epithelial cells SEB Venture Capital
Per Unneberg 2004 Computational approaches for in-depth analysis of cDNA sequence tags KI
Olof Nord 2004 Development of in vivo and in vitro strategies for affinity protein library work SwedenBio
Anders Andersson 2005 Microarray-based investigation of genome and transcriptome organisation in the Archaeon Sulfolobus SMI
Helen Angleby 2005 Analysis of domestic dog mitochondrial DNA sequence variation for forensic investigations Stockholms universitet
Maria Malmqvist (Sievertzon) 2005 Transcript profiling of small tissue samples using microarray technology IPQ
Maria Wikman 2005 Rational and combinatorial protein engineering for vaccine delivery and drug targeting Peviva
My Hedhammar 2005 Facilitated protein recovery from Escherichia coli BMC, SLU
Mats Lindskog 2005 Computational analyses of biological sequnces Amgen
Max Käller 2005 Arrayed identification of DNA signatures KTH / LingVitae
Niklas Hellgren 2005 Probing the prospects for structural genomics
Christofer Lendel 2005 Molecular principles of protein stability and protein-protein interactions Uppsala University
Martin Hammarström  2006 Protein production and purification in structural genomics SGC/KI
Björn Renberg 2006 Fluorescence-based ligand assays for protein detection KTH
Esther Edlundh-Rose 2006 Molecular Signatures of Cancer University of Oxford, UK
Ronny Falk 2006 Systems Enabling Antibody-mediated Proteomics Research University of Cambridge, UK
Valtteri Wirta 2006 Mining the transcriptome – methods and applications LingVitae
Cecilia Laurell 2006 Microarray-based Gene Expression Analysis in Cancer Research KI
Nina Bandmann 2007 Rational and combinatorial genetic engineering approaches for improved recombinant protein production and purification Affibody
Emilie Hultin 2007 Genetic Sequence Analysis by Microarray Technology
Erik Pettersson 2007 Interrogation of Nucleic Acids by Parallel Threading KTH
Jorge Andrade 2007 Grid and High Performance Computing for Applied Bioinformatics KI
John Löfblom 2008 Staphylococcal Surface Display for Protein Engineering and Characterization KTH (PostDoc)
Malin Andersen 2008 Computational and Experimental Approaches to Regulatory Genetic Variation KI
Caroline Grönwall 2008 Affibody Molecules for Proteomic and Therapeutic Applications University of California, San Diego, USA
Mikaela Friedman 2008 Affibody Molecules Targeting the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor for Tumor Imaging Applications Uppsala Univ. (PostDoc)
Lisa Berglund 2008 Selection of Antigens for Antibody-based Proteomics KTH
Emma Lundberg 2008 Bioimaging for Analysis of Protein Expression in Cells and Tissues Using Affinity Reagents KTH
Marcus Gry 2008 Global Expression Analysis of Human Cells and Tissues Using Antibodies Uppsala Univ.
Johan Lindberg 2008 Transcriptional Patterns in Inflammatory Disease KI
Johan Rockberg 2008 Methods for Generation and Characterization of Monospecific Antibodies KTH
Tandis Vazin 2008 Generation of Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Embryonic Stem Cells University of California, Berkeley, USA
Torun Ekblad 2008 Chemical Synthesis of Affibody Molecyles for Protein Detection and Molecylar Imaging KI
Erik Björling 2008 Databases for Antibody-based Proteomics CIBER Sweden AB
Erik Vernet 2009 Affinity protein based inhibition of cancer related signaling pathways DTU
Andreas Jonsson 2009 Development of molecular recognition by rational and combinatorial engineering Scripps
Per-Åke Löfdahl 2009 On bacterial formats in protein library technology  
Cecilia Eriksson 2009 Affinity based proteomics research tools RIKEN, Japan
Carl Hamsten 2009 Protein based approaches to understand and prevent contagious bovine pleuropneumonia KTH
Jesper Gantelius 2009 Novel diagnostic microarray assay formats - towards comprehensive on-site analysis KTH
Pawel Zajac 2009 Parallel target selection by trinucleotide threading KI
Nina Kronqvist 2009 Staphylococcal surface display in directed evolution KTH
Last updated: 2010-09-01