International Organisation for Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Secretariat: Stockholm (since Jan 2004)
Chairman: Mr. Jacky E.L. Foo
IOBB Working Group on Integrated Biosystems

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Integrated Biosystems concern the integration of bioprocesses for the conversion of biodegradable materials and wastes into products. In a biosystem, the by-products (wastes) of one process become the resources (inputs) for another process. Natural processes such as nutrient biocycles are good examples of biosystems.
There are also many man-made biosystems that are practiced traditionally by many cultures in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and human habitats. Examples of such bioconversion processes, technology and sub-systems are: anaerobic digestion (biogas technology), earthworms (vermiculture), insect larvae, composting, plants, animals and fishes as converters of organic materials, residues, wastes, nutrients, etc. to useful products. Such systems are being applied in solid waste management, wastewater treatment, water recycling, urban agriculture, low-input high output agriculture, production of bio-chemicals, etc.


Sub-Group Coordinator Support Team
Biological Wastewater Treatment  David Del Porto (USA)  Jacky Foo (SE)
Integrated Biosystems Jacky Foo (SE) Eduardo Sendra (AR), 
Jagannath Venkataramaih (IN), 
Kangmin Li (CN) 
Hanns-André Pitot (DE)
Solid Waste Bioconversion  Paul Olivier (USA)  Jacky Foo (SE)
Bio-Energy Paul Harris (AU)  Jaime Finguerut (BR)

Mailing lists

ET-W1 Public ongoing E-Forum on Integrated Biosystems
ET-JIZO Public ongoing E-Forum on Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia) and Solid Waste Management 
ET-W12 Private IBSnet Task Force on Waste Management using Black Soldier Fly Larvae 
ET-W13 Private IOBB Hermetia Expert/Consultant Group - Mexico
ET-W18 Private Maldives - Waste Management project 
ET-W15 Private Bangalore - Sustainable Ecocity Development Conf. 2005 (Planning Group 1)
ET-ATLAS Private Ecocity : Integrated Community Garden Network - Planning Group
ET-W11 Public ongoing Ecological Sanitation - News & Announcements 

Past IBS Activities

2004 June 14-25 E-seminar on "Studies on the potential use of Medicinal Plants and Macrofungi (Lower plants) in water and waste water purification". Kenneth Anchang Yongabi, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria
2004 April 19-May 2 E-seminar on "Management and utilization of biodigesters in integrated farming systems" by Mr. San Thy, University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation,  Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2004 March, 01-13 E-Seminar "The Bio-Conversion of Putrescent Wastes" by Dr. Paul Olivier.
2003 Feb-June Internet Conference on Ecocity Development
2002 15 April-17 May E-Workshop on "Insect Larvae in Organic Waste Recycling and Management"
2001 15 Nov.-20 Dec. Internet Dialogue on Ecological Sanitation
2001 12 Nov.- 14 Dec. E-extension of face-to-face Conf. (NZ) : Ecological Engineering Landscape Services and Products.
2001 9-29 July E-seminar on "Design of an IBS Eco-Village for 300 Families of the Disabled in Poipet, Cambodia" by Peter Guagliano. 
2001 11 - 29 June  E-seminar on "Improvement of nutritive quality of crop by-products using bioprocess technique and their uses for animals" by Bachtar Bakrie.
2001 5-23 March  E-seminar on "How to install a polyethylene biogas digester" by Francisco X. Aguilar.