20 Aug 2004

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Biofocus Founcation

World Academy of Arts and Science



UNESCO Microbial Resources Center (MIRCEN), Stockholm

Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

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Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

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Internet Dialogue on "What If.." 
01 Sept - 31 Oct. 2004

organized by
Biofocus Foundation/World Academy of Arts and Science (BF/WAAS)
EKVITEC, Stockholm
International Organization for Biotechnlogy and Bioengineering (IOBB)
UNESCO Microbial Resources Center (MIRCEN), Stockholm
in cooperation with 
The Biotechnology Division of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)
The Division of Engineering Sciences of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

Programme and Materials 
for e-discussion

Sept (1) Discussion of "What if....?" questions
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(2) Discussion of topics from the 3rd Science Generation Symposium "Biotechnology: Possibilities, Risks, Ethics, and Society".

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Discussion Topics:
(T1) Genetics to change nutritional composition the golden rice
(T2) GMO and risk assessment
(T3) Use of DNA as evidence in criminal cases
(T4) Vision of future biotech applications
Oct (1) contd: Discussion of "What if....?" Questions

(2) Discussion of topics from Biopolicy Seminar on "Social Innovations for Development : A case for Biopolicy"

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Lecture Sessions:
(a) Challenges to privacy and personal integrity
(b) Inspiration for creative thinking
(c) Frontiers  of  Education/Biopolicy  networking
Discussion session:
(d) Biometrics as a trigger for innovations


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