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Vincent Bulone

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Principal Investigator (PI): Prof. Vincent Bulone

Office phone: +46 (0)8 5537 8841
Administrator (Lotta Rosenfeldt): +46 (0)8 5537 8446
Address: Please see the address page.

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Date of birth: 23 May 1967
Citizenship: French

Research interests

- Biosynthesis of plant and "fungal" (Oomycete) cell wall polysaccharides: biochemical and biophysical approaches for the study of membrane-bound complexes with glycosyltransferase activity and characterization of the corresponding polysaccharides, with particular emphasis on cellulose, (1,3)-beta-D-glucan and chitin biosynthesis.

- Metabolic engineering of plant and microbial polysaccharide biosynthetic pathways.

- Protein/lipid interactions.

- Engineering and characterization of cellulose-based composites.

- Applied aspects of carbohydrate biosynthetic pathways, including aspects relevant to the bioenergy, biomaterials, anti-oomycete drugs and herbicides areas.

Curriculum Vitae

2009- Director of the Swedish Centre for Biomimetic Fibre Engineering (Biomime)
2008- Head of the Division of Glycoscience
2008-2009 Deputy Director of Biomime
2007- Professor in Plant Glycobiology, KTH Biotechnology, Stockholm, Sweden
2006-2007 Guest Professor in Plant Glycobiology, KTH Biotechnology, Stockholm, Sweden
2001-2006 Professor in Biochemistry, Univ. of Lyon/UMR CNRS 5246, France
1996-2001 Associate Professor in Biochemistry, Univ. of Grenoble/CERMAV CNRS, France
1995-1996 Post-doc, Dept of Pharmacy (with Prof. Smestad-Paulsen), Oslo Univ., Norway
1993-1995 Post-doc, School of Biochemistry (with Prof. Stone), Melbourne, Australia

Academic degrees

1999 "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" ~ Docent (Assoc. Prof.) in Biology and Biochemistry, Univ. of Grenoble, France
1992 PhD in Biochemistry, Univ. of Lyon, France
1989 Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies in Differentiation, Genetics and Immunology (5th year Univ. degree), Univ. of Lyon, France
1988 Master of Science (MSc) in Biotechnology, Univ. of Lyon, France
1987 Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biochemistry, Univ. of Lyon, France

Key publications

(All publications)

  • Fugelstad J, Bouzenzana J, Djerbi S, Guerriero G, Ezcurra I, Teeri TT, Arvestad L, Bulone V (2009) Identification of the cellulose synthase genes from the Oomycete Saprolegnia monoica and effect of cellulose synthesis inhibitors on gene expression and enzyme activity.
    Fungal Genet. Biol. 46: 759-767.
  • Bessueille L, Sindt N, Guichardant M, Djerbi S, Teeri TT, Bulone V (2009) Plasma membrane microdomains from hybrid aspen cells are involved in cell wall polysaccharide biosynthesis.
    Biochem. J. 420: 93-103.
  • Zhou Q, Malm E, Nilsson H, Larsson PT, Iversen T, Berglund LA, Bulone V (2009) Nanostructured biocomposites based on bacterial cellulosic nanofibers compartmentalized by a soft hydroxyethylcellulose matrix coating.
    Soft Matter 5: 4124-4130.
  • Pelosi L, Imai T, Chanzy H, Heux L, Buhler E, Bulone V (2003) Structural and morphological diversity of (1-3)-beta-D-glucans synthesized in vitro by enzymes from Saprolegnia monoica. Comparison with a corresponding in vitro product from blackberry (Rubus fruticosus).
    Biochemistry 42: 6264-6274.
  • Lai Kee Him J, Chanzy H, Mueller M, Putaux JL, Imai T, Bulone V (2002) In vitro versus in vivo cellulose microfibrils from plant primary wall synthases: structural differences.
    J. Biol. Chem. 277: 36931-36939.

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