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The "GlycoClub" is the Division of Glycoscience's internal group meeting.

Every Friday, 9:00-10:00.
Usually FA31 but check below for exceptions.
Research updates, 2 people, ca. 25 min/person, including questions.

GlycoClub Speaker Rotation List

Note: If a speaker can't make it when it is his or her turn, it is the speaker's responsibility to find a replacement in good time. Please contact the organiser Dr Laura Grenville-Briggs for further information, or to make changes to the schedule.

Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Date Place
Ana Catarina Lauren 21-10-2011 FB42
Vladamir Francisco 04-11-2011 FA31
Johan Gustav 18-11-2011 FA31
Osei Ghasem 02-12-2011 Floor 1 meeting rm
Felicia Clinton 16-12-2011 FA31
Henrik Cortwa 03-02-2012 FA31
Ela Apple 17-02-2012 FA31
Sophia Erik 02-03-2012 FA31
Núria Hugo 16-03-2012 FA31
Christian Laura 30-03-2012 FA31
Vaibhav Sara 13-04-2012 FA31
Stefan Ines 27-04-2012 FA31
Yang Wang Qi 11-05-2012 FA31