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Gene Technology
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The Department of Gene Technology has moved to Science for Life Laboratory

The SWEDAC accredited unit hosts five research groups in the fields of DNA sequencing, gene expression, DNA genotyping, micro- and nanotechnology, bioinformatics, automation and molecular biology and the unit hosts the KTH genome center that includes Center for Metagenomic Sequence Analysis. The mission of the department is to develop new tools within the area of gene technology, to use these tools for advanced biological research and continue to be a partner in large multidisciplinary programs. The department aims to continue its successful work in miniaturized microarray formats providing new possibilities to study biomolecules, in evolutionary biology to dissect origins of domesticated animals, in bioinformatics to interpret complex biological pathways and in robotics to create automated scheme for biomolecule handling. The total staff is approximately 30 persons.

Resource facilities:
KTH Genome Center
Sequencing Center for high-throughput DNA sequencing
Microarray Center for high-throughput transcript profiling and protein analysis
Last updated: 2010-08-31