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Pål Nyrén

Pål Nyrén, professor i biokemi

Short biography

1999 Professor in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm
1997 Founder of the company Biotage AB (former Pyrosequencing AB)
1988 Associate professor (Docent) Biochemistry University of Stockholm
1985-86 Postdoc at LMB, MRC, Cambridge, G.B. with prof John Walker
1985 Ph.D. (Tekn. Doktor) Biochemistry, University of Stockholm
1981 M.Sc. (Civ. ing.) Chemical Engineering, KTH, Stockholm

Research in Applied Enzymology

See the link to the research database at KTH:
Technology development in the field of DNA diagnostics

Key Publications

Nyrén, P. (2007) The history of Pyrosequencing. Methods Mol. Biol. 373, 1-14.
Akhras, M., Unemo, M., Thiyagarajan, S., Nyrén, P., Davis, R. Fire, A. and Pourmand, N. (2007) Connector Inversion Probe technology; a Powerful One-Primer Multiplex DNA Amplification System for numerous scientific applications. PloS ONE Sept. Iss. 9, e915.
P. Sakthivel, X.B. Wang, B. Gharizadeh, R.Giscombe, R. Pirskanen, P. Nyrén, and A.K.
Lefvert (2007) Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the B7H3 gene are not associated with human autoimmune myasthenia gravis. Journal of Genetics 85, 3, 217-220.
Gharizadeh, B., Akhras, M., Nourizad, N., Ghaderi, M., Yasuda, K., Nyrén, P., and Pourmand, N. (2006) Methodological improvements of Pyrosequencing technology. J. Biotechnol.124 (3), 504-11.
Gharizadeh, B.,Zheng, B., Akhras, M., Ghaderi, M., Jejelowa, O., Strander, B., Nyrén, P., Wallin, K-L., and Pourmand, N. (2006) Sentinel-base DNA genotyping using multiple sequencing primers for high-risk human papillomaviruses. Mol. Cell. Probes, 20(3-4), 230-8
S. Svantesson, P.O. Westermark, J. Hellgren Kotaleski, B. Gharizadeh, A. Lansner and P. Nyrén (2004) A mathematical model of the Pyrosequencing reaction system. Biophysical Chemistry 110, 129-145.
B. Gharizadeh, M. Ghaderi, D. Donnelly, K-L. Wallin, and P. Nyrén (2003) Multiple-primer DNA sequencing method. Electrophoresis, 24, 1145-1151.
T.Nordström, A. Alderborn, and P. Nyrén (2002) Method for one-step preparation of double-stranded DNA template applicable for use with Pyrosequencing technology. J. Biochem. Biophys. Methods 52, 71-82.
B. Gharizadeh, T. Nordström, A. Ahmadian, M. Ronaghi and P. Nyrén (2001) Long read pyrosequencing using pure 2’-deoxyadenosine-5’-O’-(1-thiotriphosphate) Sp-isomer. Anal. Biochem. 301, 82-90.
B. Gharizadeh, M. Kalantari, C. Garcia, B. Johansson, and P. Nyrén (2001) Typing of human papillomavirus (HPV) by pyrosequencing. Laboratory Investigation 81, 673-679.
M. Ronaghi, M. Uhlén, and P. Nyrén (1998) A sequencing method based on real-time pyrophosphate. Science 281, 363-365.
P. Nyrén, B.F. Nore and Å.Strid (1990) Proton pumping DCCD-sensitive inorganic pyrophosphatase from Rhodospirillum rubrum: Purification, characterization and reconstitution. Biochemistry 30, 2883-2887.
P. Nyrén (1987) Enzymatic method for continuous monitoring of DNA-polymerase activity. Anal. Biochem. 167, 235-238.
M.J. Runswick, S.J. Powell, P. Nyrén and J.E. Walker (1987) Sequence of the bovine mitochondrial phosphate carrier protein: Structual relationship to ADP/ATP translocase and the brown fat mitochondria uncoupling protein. EMBO J. 6, 1367-1373.
P. Nyrén, B.F. Nore and M. Baltscheffsky (1986) Inorganic pyrophosphate synthesis after a short light flash in chromatophores from Rhodospirillum rubrum. Photobiochem. Photobiophys. 11, 189-196.
P. Nyrén and M. Baltscheffsky (1983) Inorganic pyrophos-phate driven ATP-synthesis in liposomes containing membrane-bound inorganic pyrophosphatase and FoF1 complex from Rhodospirillum rubrum. FEBS Lett. 155, 125-130.

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