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Karl Hult

Karl Hult, professor i biokemi

Short biography

1986 Professor in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm
1985 Associate professor in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm
1984 Assistant professor in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm
1980 PhD in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm


See the Biocatalysis group for more details.
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Molecular basis of enzyme action | Molecular modelling in enzyme catalysis

Key Publications

Graber M, Irague R, Rosenfeld E, Lamare S, Franson L and Hult K (2007)
Solvent as a competitive inhibitor for Candida antarctica lipase B. Bio Bio Acta 1774: 1052-1057.

Hamberg A, Lundgren S, Wingstrand E, Moberg C and Hult K (2007)
High-throughput synthesis and analysis of acylated cyanohydrins. Chem Eur J 13: 4334-4341.

Léonard V, Fransson L, Lamare S, Hult K and Graber M (2007)
A water molecule in the stereospecificity pocket of Candida antarctica lipase B enhances the enantioselectivity towards 2-pentanol. ChemBioChem 8: 662-667.

Hult K and Berglund P (2007)
Enzyme promiscuity: Mechanism and applications. Trends Biotech 25: 231-238.

Takwa M, Simpson N, Malmström E, Hult K and Martinelle M (2006)
One-pot difunctionalization of poly(
w-pentadecalactone) with thiol-thiol or thiol-acrylate groups, catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase B. Macromol Rapid Commun 27: 1932-1936.

Cammenberg M, Hult K and Park S (2006)
Molecular basis for the enhanced lipase-catalyzed N-acylation of 1-phenylethanamine with methoxyacetate. ChemBioChem 7: 1745-1749.

Hamberg A, Kempka M, Sjödahl J, Roeraade J and Hult K (2006)
C-terminal ladder sequencing of peptides using an alternative nucleophile in carboxypeptidase Y digests. Anal Biochem 357: 167-172.

Hamberg A, Lundgren S, Penhoat M, Moberg C and Hult K (2006)
High-throughput enzymatic method for enantiomeric excess determination of O-acetylated cyanohydrins. J Am Chem Soc 128: 2234-2235.

Svedendahl M, Hult K and Berglund P (2005)
Fast C-C bond formation by a promiscuous lipase. J Am Chem Soc 127: 17988-17989.

Hedin E M K, Højrup P, Patkar S A, Vind J, Svendsen A and Hult K (2005)
Implications of surface charge and curvature for the binding orientation of Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase on negatively charged or zwitterionic phospholipid vesicles as studied by ESR spectroscopy.
Biochemistry 44: 16658-16671.

Magnusson AO, Takwa M, Hamberg A, and Hult K (2005)
An S-selective lipase was created by rational redesign and the enantioselectivity increased with temperature. Angew Chem Int Edit 44: 4582-4585.

Bernhardt P, Hult K and Kazlauskas R J (2005)
Molecular basis of perhydrolase activity in serine hydrolases. Angew Chem Int Edit 44: 2742-2746.

Magnusson AO, Rotticci-Mulder JC, Santagostino A and Hult K (2005)
Creating space for large secondary alcohols by rational redesign of Candida antarctica lipase B.
ChemBioChem 6: 1051-1056.

Hedfors C, Östmark E, Malmström E, Hult K and Martinelle M (2005)
Thiol end-functionalization of poly(ε-caprolactone), catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase B
Macromolecules 38: 647-649.

Carlqvist P, Svedendahl M, Branneby C, Hult K, Brinck T and Berglund P (2005)
Exploring the active-site of a rationally redesigned lipase for catalysis of Michael-type additions.
ChemBioChem 6: 331-336.

Branneby C, Carlquist P, Magnusson A, Hult K, Brinck T and Berglund P (2003)
Carbon-carbon bonds by hydrolytic enzymes. J Am Chem Soc 125: 874-875.

Ottosson J, Rotticci-Mulder JC, Rotticci D and Hult K (2001)
Rational design of enantioselective enzymes requires entropy considerations. Prot Sci 10: 1769-1774.

Raza S, Fransson L and Hult K (2001)
Enantioselectivity in Candida antarctica lipase B: A molecular dynamics study. Prot Sci 10: 329-338.

Rotticci D, Hæffner F, Orrenius C, Norin T and Hult K (1998)
Molecular recognition of sec-alcohol enantiomers by Candida antarctica lipase B J Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 5: 267-272.

Hæffner F, Norin T and Hult K (1998)
Molecular modelling of the enantioselectivity in lipase catalysed transesterification reactions.
Biophys J 74: 1251-1262.

Hult K, Plestina R, Habazin-Novak V, Radic B and Ceovic S (1982)
Ochratoxin A in human blood and Balkan endemic nephropathy. Arch Toxicol 51:313-321.

Hult K and Gatenbeck S (1978)
Production of NADPH in the mannitol cycle and its relation to polyketide formation in Alternaria alternata. Eur J Biochem  88:607-612.


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