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Biocatalysis Research Group

The Biocatalysis group is an interdisciplinary research group with more than a 30-year history at KTH (please see the list of alumni above). We are focused on enzyme technology for sustainable chemistry. The various research projects in the field of biocatalysis is led by three senior scientists at Division of Biochemistry.

See the menu above, the various projects below or the publication list of the group for more details.

Open positions
Diploma Works

Professor em Karl Hult

Professor Per Berglund Dr. Mats Martinelle

Molecular Basis of Enzyme Action
Molecular Modelling in Enzyme Catalysis

Non-natural enzyme reactions
Enzymatic synthesis
Enzyme catalysis for surface modification and polymer synthesis
Wood fibre modification using enzymes

Missing: Maria Svedendahl Humble, Karim E. Cassimjee

Photo Library

Kalle Hult's 65th birthday Symposium   2009
Enzymatic Symposium, KTH 2006
Transam 2013

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